I’ve been collecting watches recently, and bought a nice Seiko diver several months back. But ever since my cousin got me this Timex for Christmas, I’ve pretty much worn it every day. Ha.


I love to skate almost as much as I love to shoot.



About a month ago, I spontaneously decided to sell my camera, buy a new one, and shoot more for fun and less for work. This website is my portfolio and collection of day to day snapshots.

Hollywood Sign

I hiked to the Hollywood Sign, and got a view from behind the sign!

Final Project: Part 2

For the second senior, I decided to photograph Spencer Moniz. I met Spencer through my service organization, and he has become a huge role model for me. Spencer is a very involved member of Crimson Circle, he is the “Cowbell guy” at basketball games, and he is graduating a year ahead of schedule.

Spencer has a poster of Hank Aaron that is autographed by Bo Kimble; he met Bo Kimble on the 20th anniversary of Hank’s tragic death.

As mentioned earlier, Spencer has been an active member of Crimson Circle for the past three years, and recently passed down his sweater to Andy Langdon, a freshman.

Crimson Circle is notorious for pranking the tour groups on campus. In the past several years, they have done a routine called “Catch That Bunny”, where they chase around a man in a bunny suit in front of the tour groups.

Spencer was the “Cowbell Guy” this year, leading the cheers for the crowd at LMU Basketball games.

Final Project: Part 1

The first senior I decided to photograph was Brian Nelson. Brian has been deeply involved at LMU in the past four years, with the Ignatians Service Org, Late Night, and Orientation.

Faith is a huge aspect of Brian’s life, and this bible has been with him for his past four years at LMU.

Brian has been a heavily involved member of the Ignatians service organization, and recently received the Ignatian Man of the Year award for his commitment to service and community in the Ignatians service organization.

Brian was also an orientation leader in his past two years at LMU; each orientation leader had a piece of a complete jigsaw puzzle, and his puzzle piece had testimonials and notes from his peers and colleagues. Another big aspect of Brian’s time at LMU was late night, which is an event that is held every Tuesday in the living room that includes live music, motivational speakers, and much more.