As a Multimedia major, I am constantly looking for different outlets of inspiration and creativity outside of photography. Although I could never call myself a cinephile, I do love how films can seamlessly blend together cinematography, dialogue, music, and tone to create a truly transcendent work of art. 

I think that The Tree of Life does an excellent job of combining these different creative elements to create a true masterpiece. The Tree of Life is an unusually ambitious movie; director Terrence Malick attempts to seamlessly blend a young boy’s lose of innocence with the evolution of the universe, and does a superb job. Malick’s creation scenes are primarily done by hand, with little or no CGI; the results are absolutely stunning. Furthermore, cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki’s shots are stunning to say the least. His crisp shots of the suburban Texas landscape juxtaposed with the simulated creation scenes create a timeless film. 

The Tree of Life was such a strong inspiration for me because I feel like Terrence Malick did such a fantastic job of bringing everything together. No single medium in The Tree of Life out shadowed the other. Malick succeeded in creating a creative masterpiece that transcended just film, photography, cinematography, or music, and if you have not yet seen the film, I highly recommend that you do. 


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