Student Presentation Responses

Of all of the student presentations that were given out in class, the two that stood out to me were Berangere’s and Nora’s. 


First off, I enjoyed Berangere’s presentation for a number of reasons. Her set photography was great; I loved how she shot in 35mm black and white. I haven’t’ seen any set photography done in film in a while, and it almost felt like I was on the set of a 60’s or 70’s film.

I also loved the photographer she chose to highlight as inspiration, Josef Hoflehner. I have always been a fan of high contrast black and white, and his striking compositions portrayed iconic landscapes in a very interesting light. 

The photographer that Berangere disliked was “interesting”. I found his work borderline cheesy and almost fake. However, at the same time, I almost feel like the photographer (Gary Tyson) was catering to a completely different clientele. His work seemed much more commercial, and although I wasn’t a fan of his work either, I wouldn’t necessarily call him a “bad photographer”. 

Nora’s presentation also stood out for me. I particularly loved the environmental portraits of her friends in their respective bedrooms and workplaces. Although they were obviously posed, her subjects also seemed extremely casual and comfortable. 

I also really enjoyed how Nora chose Piet Mondrian as a source of inspiration. Mondrian is also a huge inspiration of mine, and although he isn’t a photographer, I still feel like I truly connect with his work. I find it fascinating how different mediums of art are so connected, and how they can overlap and influence one another. 


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    This second post is much better!

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